In the terror attack this past week in Toulouse, France, a Muslim terrorist murdered three young children and a parent, chasing after one of the victims, an 8 year old girl, and executing a verified kill by shooting her repeatedly in the head. This barbaric murder by a Muslim citizen of France is another sign that the streets of Europe are slipping into anarchy with regard to the physical safety of Jews from attacks by fellow Arab citizens.

The day after this terrible terror attack, European Union foreign affairs chief, Catherine Ashton, compared the deadly assault on France’s Otzar HaTorah Jewish School to “what is happening in Gaza,” seemingly equating it with the tragic collateral damage stemming from Israel’s self-defense against Islamic terrorists - who are themselves using children as human shields.

Even at a time of such sorrow, we must be aware of a repetitive pattern, of how Islamic terror has become understandable in the eyes of senior European political leader. It is always perceived through the prism of an obsessive bias against the Jews and Israel, adding insult to injury. These indefensible comparisons by the most recent "useful idiot" such as the Foreign Minister of the European Union provide Islamic terrorists with the justification and the sense of invincibility that allows them to act as if it is open season on Jews.

The problem with this logic is that it won't stop with the here, nor will it stop in France. It is becoming more and more apparent, based on a growing feeling among many Jews everywhere, that the streets of Western nations, including Israel, are slipping into anarchy when it comes to protecting Jews.

In recent years, warnings have been sounded, blogs and articles have been written and posted, and conferences throughout the Western World have presented empirical evidence, all pointing to the same conclusion. Islamic organizations, Islamic societies, and Islamic religious institutions are providing the cover for extreme Islamic movements to enter Western communities and cities and threaten their way of life.

In the world of the intelligence community, they use a term called "gate" organization to describe the manner in which Islamic terror organizations operate and set up shop clandestinely through mosques and social service organizations in all major cities throughout the Western World.

The primary goal of these seemingly innocent "gate" organizations is to recruit local Muslims. This is done through free lectures, events, fundraising venues, keeping a close tab of who attends, weeding out those deemed susceptible and open to the propaganda of the Islamic movements.

Once those potential candidates are identified, they are invited to closed events for purposes of indoctrination. Once marked for admission and recruitment, these candidates undergo the preprogrammed process of depersonalization and ideological conditioning, coupled with financial compensation.

The result is very much in line with the latest inhuman act of terror against the three young children in France.

This process of developing a cadre of potential terrorist wanna-be's begins with low-level violence that has been for the most part ignored and condoned by the busy and understaffed police forces throughout the Western world.

In New York, we have seen the media beating Police Commissioner Kelly received for taking a no-nonsense approach in conducting surveillance on Muslim New Yorkers who fit the profile of terrorist wanna-be's.

Here in Israel, we are witnessing a marked increase in recent years in the number of Israeli Arab citizens who are initiating and participating in attacks against Jews. Most of these attacks are, however, ignored by mainstream media.

The attacks that are too serious to be ignored are usually played down by both police and the media as "criminal" in nature, rather than "terror," and reports try to avoid disclosing the ethnic background of the attackers. These attacks by Israeli Arabs is the first step in the recruitment process by Muslim "gate" organizations, weeding out those that refrain from crossing the threshold of physical violence, albeit generally non-lethal.

At the end of this process we have full-fledged terrorists similar to the Muslim murderer in Toulouse, France.

The major challenge today for Western societies has become progressively more complicated, as Muslims use the freedom inherent in democratic societies to advance their Islamic goals.

As with most Middle Eastern threats, what begins as a pilot, test-case scenario against Israel, with the Islamic organizations closely gauging the response by Western political leaders, quickly escalates into a threat on all Western nations, including the streets of America.

The planned Global March on Jerusalem is a classical example of how the Western nations passively condone "gate" organizations and events. We all know that Obama's friend and inspiration for 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is supporting the march. He is joining with known terrorists, such as Dr. Abd al-Azuz Amru, sentenced to seven life sentences for his involvement in the Cafe Hillel suicide bombing in Jerusalem on Sept. 9, 2003, which took seven lives and wounded 50, - including a bride who was to have been married the following day and her father - and was recently released in the Gilad Schalit prisoner swap.

Reverend Wright must be aware of these connections. His disciple, President Obama, must also be aware of these terrorist ties. And they both must be aware of the fact that Iran is behind this Global March on Jerusalem, yet by being associated with the event they are legitimizing the efforts of Islamic organizations to operate in the streets of America.

Potential Islamic terrorists can act alone or as part of an Islamic organization, they do so out of a religious obligation to carry out a jihad. They pick targets near their homes and keep their plots to themselves.

They do this in the streets of Jerusalem, in the streets of Toulouse, and they will do the same in the streets of New York  This is the clear and present danger of Islam.