Since his election as President, Joe Biden has been presented to the general public as a man of good breeding, intelligent, knowledgeable, and competent. Biden’s simplicity is mistaken for profoundness, his years at the Senate as proof of his experience, and his befriending of billionaires and foreign nations as nothing more than political astuteness. Yet when Biden utters a word, it become virtually impossible to understand and follow what he is saying; the 400% increase in anti-Semitic attacks on American Jews, the Muslim take-over of campuses, the war in Gaza against the terror organization Hamas, the International Criminal Court in the Hague and their recent decision to seek arrest warrants against the Prime Minister of Israel, the American economy and spiraling cost of living, the open borders allowing unrestricted and illegal entry to the United States, are all happening under his watch and yet no one has a clue as to what he really thinks and what he really understands, and lastly what he plans to do about it.

Whenever I see, hear, and listen to Joe Biden as he attempts with great effort to be coherent, understandable, and believable; I am always reminded of the character “Chauncey Gardener” from the movie “Being There”.

In the film “Being There”, Chance introduces himself as "Chance . . . the gardener,'' and is misunderstood as having said "Chauncey Gardener.'' Chauncey can best be described as a simple and unassuming man at peace with himself. As the movie unfolds, we learn that Chauncey has lived all of his sheltered life inside the townhouse and walled garden of a rich recluse. He knows what he needs to know for his daily routine: Where his bedroom and bathroom are, and how to tend the plants of the garden. His meals are produced by Louise, the cook. The movie provides no diagnosis of his condition. He is able to respond to given cues, and can, within limits, adapt and learn. Chauncey has mastered the art of sound bites from incessantly watching TV commercials. Sound familiar?

The hero (Chauncey) survives a series of challenges he doesn't understand, using words that are both universal and meaningless, soon is being interviewed on television, where his seemingly profound insights which are nothing more than sound bites that Chauncey remembers from watching years of TV commercials. Chauncey manages to avoid being pinned down to anything specific by simply avoiding what he doesn’t comprehend. Chauncey’s use of slogans reveal how superficial public utterances can be and because he is middle-aged, well-groomed, dressed in tailored suits, he is automatically presumed to be a person of substance. The movie argues that if you look right, sound right, speak in platitudes and have powerful friends, you can go far in our society. This has Joe Biden written all over it.

Joe Biden's mental state and proneness to verbal gaffes, mispronunciations, forgetfulness, and outright confusion continue to be ignored by the progressive media when it comes to reporting on Joe Biden. The broadcasted and printed media have entirely avoided the issue of Joe Biden’s mental capacity and that’s despite the media’s obsessive reporting on Donald Trump in which the same media question Donald Trump’s sanity, mental deficiencies, and overall behavior. Much has been reported about Trump’s “fitness” to serve, yet when it comes to Joe Biden, his mental capacity is off the board and a non-starter with all the major media outlets.

The danger of continuing to ignore Joe Biden’s diminishing mental capacity and his ability to truly comprehend consequences of his decisions cannot be understated as the November Presidential elections are just around the corner. The question that we should be asking ourselves is whether the free and Democratic nations of the world can survive another four years of Joe Biden. On the domestic front, it seems that Biden’s one success has been to convince a large part of the American public to accept as normal and get used to the rampant anti-Semitism, the runaway crime and the breakdown of enforcement forces, the revolving door of the judiciary, the transformation of urban streets to encampments for the homeless and illegal immigrants, the blocking of roads, bridges, and tunnels by Muslims who have no understanding of what “freedom of speech means”, and to empower the progressive Democratic Party with another four years to completely transform the Unites States.

The danger and implications of Biden’s foreign policies, are equally worrying. Wither we examine the inaction on the part of the United States in deterring or repelling Russian aggression against the State of Ukraine, an ally of the United States or holding Israel back from completely destroying the capabilities of the terror organization of Hamas after attacking on Oct 7 the State of Israel, also an American ally; we can only wonder if Biden truly understands the consequences of his inaction to support American allies. Will Taiwan be the next victim in line, also an American ally?

Chauncey Gardiner” is the epitome of what can happen when a person lives only the moment with no real understanding of context and meaning. Chauncey was limited in the ways of the world, yet made vague comments that others, in high places, interpreted as insightful with hidden meanings. In reality they were just musings of a semi-literate person. President Joe Biden seems to inhabit a life full of blissful ignorance and for this he is being embraced by the liberal and progressive forces. As this charade reaches its climax on Election Day this November, more and more of the American people see through Joe Biden’s empty words. “Chauncey Gardiner” and Joe Biden as two sides of the same coin. Sometimes art imitates life and sometimes its life that is imitating art.