Denial is defined as a psychological defense mechanism, and was postulated by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

One would think that by now, after the Boston Marathon, after Fort Hood, after San Bernardino, after Orlando, after Paris, after Belgium, after 120 years of Islamic terror against the Jewish State, President Obama’s denial and refusal to call a spade a spade – namely that radical Islam is the number one generator of terror throughout the world -- would end. But it hasn’t, Obama continues to live in a world of denial.

For Obama, his denial in naming radical Islam stems from a deeply buried primal shame and rejection of the very Islam that he refuses to hold accountable for the world wide terror we are experiencing. During Obama’s formative years as a child and young adolescent, his upbringing and first hand exposure to Islam has left deep unconscious emotional scars that explain Obama’s inability to confront reality and convey an understanding of Islam that the American public would understand. For the most part Obama has left America and most likely the rest of the Western World confused and angry.

The phenomenon of Trump as a contender for the American Presidency is a direct result of the anger so common today among the American people. Obama’s denial is not limited to radical Islam, his denial concerning immigration and the clear and present danger that unrestricted immigration poses to the American public is part and parcel of Obama’s persona and emotional makeup. For Obama, intertwining his own personal identity with issues that normally would be open for debate has created a situation that if you question his viewpoint on radical Islam or question his viewpoint on unrestricted immigration, than you are essentially questioning whether there is something wrong with Obama himself. Obama would have us live in a world in which he is OK and we’re not.

The tsunami of anger that we hear everywhere is a direct result of the dissonance that Obama has created, supported by the media, between the reality that we know and the manner in which it is falsely portrayed and denied by Obama. Wherever one goes and whatever one hears, lurking behind is a giant wave of anger. Young and old, Republicans and Democrats, all denominations, you hear nothing but anger and resentment.

There is a widespread feeling of anger among the American public that Obama’s denial has rendered impotent the American government and her national defense agencies such as the FBI in controlling the spread of radical Islam and the spread of extremism and terror. There is a widespread feeling that America in the 21st Century is out of control, with Obama and his blind denial in the driver’s seat. The resurgence of anti-Semitism everywhere, the emerging alliances of the extreme left and radical Islam, the revival of the far right, are all symptoms and reactions to Obama’s denial of the dangers that Islam poses to Western societies. As Islamic terror has become more deadly and more emboldened, the anger felt by Americans has become deeper and darker.

Obama’s denial has destroyed the Middle East, resulting in millions upon millions of Muslims flooding all of Europe. Obama’s denial has now destroyed the European Union, with Britain’s exit from the European Union only the first stage of the domino effect that Europe will experience in the coming years. Obama’s denial causes nations and even civilizations to fall apart, with anarchy lurking just around the corner.

The result of Obama’s denial and psychological confusion in the minds of the American public have weakened the public’s resiliency while empowering those Muslims embracing the ideologies of radical Islam, Islamic State, and other terrorist organizations. This is an undisputed fact that is also denied by Obama and his administration. A remarkable article by David Hazony, The Mind of the President, in The Tower takes this further, detailing how Obama indeed thinks he knows better than we do. In a section titled "It Must Be Hard to Know Everything," Hazony writes:

Yet the failure to appreciate the human spirit in politics is not just a bug of Obama’s psychology; it’s a feature of his worldview. It is a flaw in the vision itself, a view of human history that has long been rendered foolish by history itself. This view sees an end to war that comes from overcoming underlying “real problems”—irrationality, tribalism, ignorance, pride, religion, attachment to the past—all of which will eventually be overridden through education and systems of governance based on international law, trade, and multilateralism. And since reason teaches that people should just get along, we don’t need antiquated concepts of the warrior spirit, bravery, loyalty, or the classic calculus of power, credibility, and deterrence.

Obama plans on winning the war against terrorism through denial. Obama has denied American exceptionalism, denied America’s status as the worlds only Superpower, has denied the need to sustain deterrence and project America’s strength abroad. Obama’s denial has empowered radical Islam causing a massive shift of national resources throughout the world to combat radical Islam rather than combat poverty and sickness throughout the developed and undeveloped world. This is Obama’s world, this is Obama’s legacy, and this is the world of denial that Obama inhabits.