Since Benjamin Netanyahu’s electoral success this past November, his conservative political coalition has been challenged with a non-stop tsunami of judicial, political and mainstream media generated reports that have only one goal, it demonize and de-legitimize Netanyahu’s electoral success forcing him to abandon his role as the leader of the nation. Exposing this slanderous campaign has had negligible success in convincing the general public that as consumers of information, they are being forced fed a steady diet of conspiracy theories and fake news, chaos, all culminating in what has developed into a politics of rage.

What is oedipal rage? It's an emotion that can engulf ones entire sense of being—a red hot feeling that can dismiss all rational thought and genuine self-interest. For years we have had to endure a lynch atmosphere in which all of the media seem to be like an endless series of firing squads all aimed in the direction of Benjamin Netanyahu. What is it that has created this relentless politics of rage and hatred? What can explain this “kill the beast” atmosphere in our streets among demonstrators? How can one explain how regular upstanding citizens who normally exhibit normative behaviors have been transformed in a vicious mob who fan the flames of rage and hatred against a democratically elected leader, his wife, and his children? Political pundits have been unable to sufficiently explain this deep primal hatred that has permeated the public discourse trampling every accepted norm and the basic concept of fairness.

The Madison Ave. inspired campaign against Israel’s democratically elected government for the past six months has exposed the success of progressive forces and Israel’s “deep state”. A small yet vocal coalition of progressive and leftist organizations known pejoratively as the “anti-Bibi” coalition with the open support of the mainstream media, the Attorney General, and the Judicial system; have shouted and exposed their uninhibited rage, disgust and vulgar hatred against Benjamin Netanyahu. The actions by the “anti-Bibi” coalition have on a daily basis blocked major highways and transportation arteries, blocked the entrance to Israel’s central International airport, and have violently demonstrated at the entrance to the private homes of Ministers and Knesset members of the governing coalition. The “anti-Bibi” coalition have used the proposed judicial legislation as a backdrop to their unbridled vulgarity and rage using tactics that are inspired exclusively by gutter politics. Political pundits have failed in explaining in a coherent manner to the general public the roots of this primal hatred and rage. They have consistently failed to truly understand that the origins of this hatred that can only be explained within the realm of Freudian psychoanalytic thinking. Benjamin Netanyahu also known as “Bibi” has become the ultimate father figure who must be disposed of at all costs thereby saving the beloved “motherland”.

Oedipal rage according to Freud, represents a deep feeling of aggression and desire to dispose of a parental figure. In today’s politically charged atmosphere, rage and aggression have become acceptable forms for expressing opposition and the desire to replace the “head” of a nation. Little if any effort is made towards clarifying the destructive aspects of this mindset and the inevitable spillover into our daily routine. Not only do I want to dispose of the “head” of the nation, but this destructive primal rage also encompasses those that support him, those that represent ideas and values different than my own, and lastly those that are unlike myself. This rage, this hatred of “Bibi” permits us to keep alive the idea that everything is really much more simple, if only “Bibi” would go way either voluntarily or if necessary by force. This rage allows us to convince ourselves that if only we yell louder, exhibit even more vulgar and destructive behavior, and beat up on our head of state a little harder than everything will work out. All we have to do is break the political bones of “Bibi”, than everything would revert back to the falsely intoxicating effect of the period prior to “Bibi’s” repetitive electoral success beginning in 1996 making him Israel’s longest standing Prime Minister. This intoxicating taste had become nothing more than a drunken stupor blurring reality and the real successes of Israel under “Bibi’s” repetitive incumbencies having transformed Israel into a world leader in Hi-tech innovation, food and agriculture technology, water desalination, Military systems development, and the list goes on and on.

It is a well-known fact among jurists and leading politicians of both sides of the political isle that Israel’s judicial system is dysfunctional and broken. The most blatant example of this reality is that many if not most of international hi-tech companies that invest in Israel demand upfront that in the event of future contractual disagreement, any legal recourse and litigation be subservient to American or British law and not Israeli law. Major investors understand what the “anti-Bibi” coalition refuse to acknowledge. It is in Israel’s and the public’s interest to make the needed changes in Israel’s judicial system.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands that to succeed you must resonate strength, and defend your turf and principles. No level of oedipal and primal rage by the “anti-Bibi” coalition, the mainstream media, the “deep state”, and progressive opponents will change the direction of Israel’s legally elected and legitimate government. Those that continue to be immersed in a politics of hated and rage will slowly find themselves representing no one but themselves. They will cease to be relevant to the people of Israel.