The coronavirus is invisible and undetectable as we go about our daily routine, but seemingly is everywhere. Despite the coronavirus requiring close contact to spread and infect, it has reached around the globe faster than any pandemic in history. With the race on to stop the corona pandemic, nations throughout the world are investing billions in research and hundreds of private companies and research laboratories are working on the development of a corona vaccine, yet despite this massive effort, we remain largely in an ongoing stage of uncertainty, where trial and error is still the dominant path towards an effective vaccine. With economies in a nosedive, and massive unemployment everywhere, the challenge for most political leaders has been to remain credible and believable as misinformation and disinformation outpace efforts to govern efficiently.

The broadcasted media and social networks have ignored the objective narrative above which would have allowed Israel’s democratically elected government to enlist the public’s support to contain the spreading infection of the coronavirus. Instead, progressive and radical organizations in cahoots with radical politicians are using an orchestrated and coordinated political campaign supplemented with the blind support of the broadcasted leftist media to create the illusion of a government in chaos, mismanagement, and corruption. Leading surveys show that many no longer think authorities can deal with the corona crisis leading to public resistance to lockdown measures even as record number of new infections are recorded daily. Many demonstrations with hundreds and thousands of participants have become corona mega-infection events, and the broadcasted media does everything in its power to ignore the clear and immediate danger to the participants and to the general public who will be infected by the demonstrators as they spread the disease.

In the streets of Jerusalem and other cities, thousands of radical leftists, anarchists, and paid protesters have been violently demonstrating over the past few weeks against the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu obsessively reported with the help of the enlisted media to spread a false and make believe narrative of mismanagement and gross negligence of the corona virus pandemic. Many in the general public watching at home as this progressive perversion of truth is broadcasted around the clock are simply being scared into silence. A decent and honest debate about what’s best for the public is effectively ruled out. A general sense of fear and intimidation has overtaken the public discourse. Businesses, jobs, promotions are all prisoners of social media destroying honesty and the ability to question the progressive and radical narrative portrayed by the sympathetic media to the detriment of the general public. As the public is forced to accept the closing of schools, wedding halls, places of worship, restaurants; they are inundated with media reports showing thousands of demonstrators ignoring governmental and health restrictions demonstrating without wearing masks, without keeping social distance and in general defiance of what they have been led to believe is the proper behavior code to stop the spread of the corona virus. The contradictory message between what the general public is expected to refrain from and the freedom to resist these restrictions by demonstrators is creating emotional confusion and a growing sense of dissonance.

This immense gap between the objective reality and the broadcasted and false interpretation of reality has created a sense of dissonance against the false prophets that promote the progressive political agenda. Dissonance is the discomfort we feel when we are forced to accept conflicting beliefs, or behaviors that don't match our values. Our natural instinct is to resolve the dissonance by either justifying, downplaying or changing an inconsistent belief or behavior. We have an internal drive that motivates us to reduce psychological discomfort and create consistency among our beliefs. Ordinary people and the public at home aren’t frightened of Netanyahu. They are terrified of the mayhem and violence let loose in their streets. The use of residential streets in Jerusalem surrounding the Prime Minister’s residence as public bathrooms with demonstrators urinating and defecating where they please. Ordinary people are appalled at the mega-infection demonstrations, the random vandalism, and they want someone to do something about it. Ordinary people understand that we can't put the government on the front lines of the coronavirus war and then question its authority at the same time. They understand that we cannot hold the government responsible while invalidating its decisions. This is the confusion created by the radicals and anarchists, and the resulting dissonance will force ordinary people to choose.

The radical left and anarchists have convinced themselves to over-react to anything Netanyahu does. The never ending refusal to accept the will of the electoral public has resulted in demonstrations becoming more hysterical, more violent, more extreme, and a copy-paste of the “cancel culture” sweeping across America. Radical demonstrators have called for Netanyahu to resign, unrelated to his government’s management of the coronavirus crisis and everything to do with their inability to accept the public will and the democratic process. The rioters hope that the spiraling street violence will make Netanyahu look bad. In fact, it will most likely get him re-elected with even a larger electoral majority for the right wing parties. So what’s left for these radical demonstrators is nothing more than deep primal hate filling our TV screens night after night.

The deep primal hatred of Netanyahu, the democratically elected Prime Minister of the State of Israel in the last three elections and holding office as Prime Minister for close to two consecutive decades has no bounds. The broadcasted media, and social media have in unison permeated the public discourse trampling on every accepted norm of the basic concept of fairness. This deep primal hatred of Netanyahu empowers the anarchists and radicals to perpetuate the idea that everything is really much more simple if only Netanyahu would either go away on his own or if necessary by force.

While Netanyahu has clearly chosen managing the corona pandemic over politics, hospitals may reach a point where they have to choose between who lives and who dies. We can thank, the radicals, the anarchists, the empathetic media for the coming weeks in which the House of God will not be a local synagogue but a local hospital.