The elections in Israel have turned out to be Obama’s first loss in a national race. Yes, my friends, the big loser in Israel’s national elections was not the Israeli Labor party nor the other smaller opposition parties all running on an “anyone but Netanyahu ticket”, but Barack Obama who did everything in his power to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu and lost big league. What seems to be lost on Obama is that the Likud, the party of Netanyahu represents a true microcosm of Israel including all sectors, the real silent majority and not the liberal elitist minority that wins at the polls every time yet always loses on election day. The “silent majority” phenomenon of people quietly becoming fed up with being force-fed by liberal elites as if they cannot decide for themselves is coming to the fore.

Barack Obama, America’s first ever affirmative action President and never a gracious man, has even been reluctant to congratulate Netanyahu for his crushing last minute electoral victory in this week’s Israeli elections. Maybe Obama see’s the handwriting on the wall, and it doesn’t look good. Israel, like America, has a “silent majority” and they have stood up bravely in opposition to liberal elites who claimed at every opportunity in the broadcasted and printed media, that Netanyahu’s expected defeat is a forgone conclusion.

The astonishing size of the Likud victory has even shaken the arrogant White House staff. Obama, a big stickler for protocol when Netanyahu spoke to both houses of Congress has no qualms about intervening in Israel’s national elections and sending veiled threats that should Netanyahu be re-elected, Israel will become isolated and that America will re-evaluate her commitment to Israel’s security and international standing.

Netanyahu was predicted in polls to lose by 3-4 Knesset seats and ended up winning by 5-6 this suggests that the “silent majority” phenomenon of people quietly becoming fed up with being force-fed by liberal elites as if they cannot decide for themselves is coming to the fore. And this all happened despite Obama’s political advisors being sent over to Israel — with a yet unclear degree of administration backing — to support the Zionist Union (i. e. Leftist Labor Party) opposition to Likud with all their modern electoral techniques that were so successful in the 2012 US Presidential elections.

The Obama administration's State Department allegedly gave taxpayer-funded grants to an American nonprofit seeking to defeat Netanyahu in the recent election, triggering a probe by a U.S. Senate committee. The final tally in the Israeli elections makes their failure all the more glaring — and disturbing to the White House.

For many of us, this election is good news not only because Netanyahu won and Obama lost, but also due to the ramifications for the American Presidential elections in 2016. In Israel, the liberal left parties have never admitted to the general public that their policies have been mistaken and have taken a large toll of lives; the Oslo agreement, the first and second intifada, the unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon and later from the Gaza Strip have left behind thousands of terror victims dead or injured, large areas of Israel have been attacked by missiles and rocket attacks since these unilateral withdrawals all in the name of the “peace process”.

The leaders and political parties who have ignored the suffering and pain brought upon the Israeli public have never admitted that they erred, that their decisions were a colossal blunder, they have never admitted that Israel has done more than her share in the name of peace and that the problem has been and will always be that the Palestinian Arabs are unwilling to accept the right of Israel to exist. The landslide victory by Netanyahu is very much the response of the “silent majority” who are no longer willing to go along with the lies, the arrogance, and lack of accountability and taking of responsibility.

Along these same lines, President Obama has never admitted that his whole Middle East policy has been a colossal failure; Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Benghazi, Egypt, the list goes on and on, have all been nations that have been torn apart in large due to Obama’s policy decisions. The emergences of ISIS and terror attacks in major American cities are all consequences of Obama’s actions, and inactions. The possibility that Obama will agree to allow the Iranians to develop a nuclear capability means endangering not only Israel and her neighbors, not only Europe, but all of the Eastern coast of the American continent.

The American “silent majority” can live with being told what to eat at lunchtime, and can even reluctantly buy medical insurance through the Obamacare exchange, but they will not stand for Obama’s inability to take responsibility for the consequences of his decisions.

Those that think that Obama’s successor can simply act as if nothing has happened and that the “silent majority” will remain forever quiet are in for a rude awakening. The American “silent majority” has begun to reject the arrogance and condescension of the Obama Presidency and his political allies, the 2014 midterm elections are proof of the true transformation that has occurred in America. That very same “silent majority” in America is very likely to stand up again in 2016 for similar reasons, as they did in 2014 at the midterm elections.

This Israeli election has been good news. Time for the GOP to redouble their efforts, take a long breath, and talk to the American public as if they are truly capable of making the right decision in 2016, now is the time to start. It worked for Bibi, it can work for the Republicans.