Preaching to the Choir, that’s what Obama does and he does it well. Obama's latest "greatest show on earth" was at the recent biennial convention of the Union of Reform Judaismbefore 5,000 Reform Jews who gave Obama almost as many standing ovations as Congress gave Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this past spring. By pushing all the right buttons and telling these liberal Jews whatever they wanted to hear, Obama could do no wrong. Obama has hosted Passover Seders, and held Chanukah candle lighting ceremonies in the White House, never losing the opportunity to play into what makes liberal Jews tick.

Never mind the Arab spring nurtured and supported by Obama turning into a nightmare of Islamic extremism, never mind Iran's triumphant march towards nuclear capability due to Obama's inaction over the past three years, remember the three wasted years of "engaging Iran"  and nothing to show for it, and never mind the very real danger that Egypt will cancel the peace agreement with Israel as Egypt's Islamic Brotherhood begins to head the Egyptian government, they too were part of Obama's grand plans for the Middle East. Never mind Obama's unstoppable budgetary runaway and America's national debt ballooning to 15 Trillion dollars in just three years. Concluding with "don't let anybody else tell a different story,” Like I said, the greatest show on earth.

President Obama’s record on Israel has been the subject of non-stop debate since he took office and given President Obama’s failed and naïve doctrine when it comes to Israel, one cannot avoid the serious concern and doubt about Obama's intentions towards Israel should he be reelected. We the thinking public should not dismiss his success in packaging and marketing his liberal positions on domestic issues and draw the wrong conclusions about Obama's record as far as Israel's security is concerned  as was perfectly orchestrated at the Convention of the Union of Reform Judaism. Israel needs a more reliable friend in the White House than President Obama. Only a White House that truly believes in and appreciates Israel's value in complimenting and sustaining American interests in the Middle East can be considered a friend of Israel. Obama does not fit this description, Obama will always regard Israel as a bargaining chip to endear himself among the Islamic masses, we saw this in Iran, and we saw this as Obama abandoned one Middle Eastern ally after another.

In recent weeks Obama has bragged at almost every opportunity how he is Israel's greatest friend, and has done more for Israel than any of his predecessors, reminding us again and again "don't let anybody else tell a different story.” Now for the facts; the true story is very different than the imaginary and convoluted narrative that Obama passes on as truth. From his very first day in office Obama made it his business to distance himself and the United States from Israel. Remember the speech in Cairo at the beginning of his Presidency in which he drew a moral equivalence between the Holocaust and the plight of the "Palestinians" (Arabs of Judea and Samaria) inferring that the "Nakba" was the beginning of the Palestinian Arabs Holocaust. This attempt by Obama to distance himself from Israel is the main reason that the Palestinian Authority and its leader, the Holocaust denier and unelected President Muhammad Abbas decided to boycott Israel's elected government, abandon and avoid any and all negotiations with Israel, and ignore American interests by unilaterally going to the United Nations.  No other President has done more to undermine Jerusalem as Israel's eternal undivided Capitol. Imagine the possibilities to Israel's detriment should Obama not have any electoral constraints holding him back?

After recent months of relentless and often ruthless Republican attacks on Obama and faced with polls predicting a potential Jewish flight from his camp, Obama is using his appearances to preach before home crowds. Now is the time to remind us all of what must be told about Obama. Now is the time to get the facts straight before the national media convinces the public that if the Republicans get voted in, it’s the end of the world.Since 1945 Democrats have had the White House for 31 years and the Republicans for 36 years.  In spite of repeated predictions that it would, the world has not ended when the other side got in. If the Republicans win the White House in 2012, the world won’t end this time either.

Now is the time to clearly remind the American public that the "greatest show on earth" will not hide Obama's colossal failures no matter how incessantly we are all told about Obama's successful Presidency. Obama has spoken of his support for Israel's security but has done much, some say all he can, to undermine Israel's diplomatic position and strengthen her enemies. All we have to ask ourselves is one simple question, is America better off today than she was four years ago? You know the old saying "You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the times but you cannot fool all the people all the times." This quote has been attributed to P. T. Barnum of the world famous Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, the "greatest show on earth."