Winston Churchill has been quoted as saying "Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are beyond question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world."  A huge proportion of shapers of the modern mind were Jewish, from Marx, Freud, and Einstein to Sergey Brin of Google and Mark Zuckerberg of Face book. Jews have hand an influence out of all proportion to their numbers, because they believed in the individual and his or her power to change the world for the better. Believing that G-d has had high expectations of the Jews has resulted in great accomplishments for all of civilization throughout history.

So if for arguments sake we accept that Jews have brought good things to humanity, consistently, and over the course of history only to have many of our beliefs and ideas borrowed later down the line by Christianity, Islam, and even secular philosophy, then why is it that the world chooses at every opportunity to dismiss the harsh realities of the Islamic world, or of the Palestinian Arabs refusal to negotiate, never giving Israel the benefit of the doubt. It seems as if the World always focuses exclusively and blames Israel, employing hypocrisy and a double standard as standard fare when relating to Israel. It seems that when ever possible the world ignores crimes against humanity such as are being implemented daily in Syria, and instead blames and castigates Israel for initiating or responding to this threat. Every day, Israel is accused of being an Apartheid nation, the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement ranks successes day by day as Universities, organizations, corporations, and whole nations boycott the State of Israel. All of this leading up to an indefensible conclusion that has taken hold in recent years that there is something fundamentally illegitimate about  Israelis, Israeli institutions and the State of Israel in its entirety.

Much of the intellectual landscape that justifies this kind of thinking is proudly and unashamedly expressed by these self-appointed "guardians" of the Western world, having managed to produce a hypocrisy mechanism that is among the most sophisticated in human history. This global monitoring apparatus strictly monitors the violation of human rights, including the most minor ones in Israel, while forgiving almost any case of trampled rights, absence of democracy, cutting off of limbs, oppression of minorities and women, the stoning of homosexuals, and even sanctioning the right of a Muslim man to conduct intimate relations with a wife up to 8 hours after her death– as long as these are undertaken in the Arab world and their perpetrators are not suspected, heaven forbid, of collaboration with the spearhead of Western "imperialism", Israel. The terror attack at the Boston marathon is the most recent example of how awry Western thinking has evolved. Each time a terrorist strikes, it appears as if the politically correct Western intellectual crowds feel a hardly defendable uneasiness about the fact that the killer may be an Arab and/or a Muslim. It seems that any remark over a terrorist’s Muslim ethnicity and religious views is irrelevant and utterly racist if the public is reminded of this Muslim ethnicity. Rather than it be seen as a necessary component of informing the public, this honest reporting is represented as “crucifying” a supposedly innocent group of people rather than simply being reflective of the truth.

How are we to understand this never ending concentration of the world's attention on Israel alone while at the same time ignoring the role of the Islamic world in widespread terrorism throughout the world and the suppression of democratic and human rights in Islamic societies. Is it coincidental that during the past two decades as Islam has slowly but progressively established tens of thousands religious institutions throughout the Western world including Mosques, Islamic schools, Islamic cultural centers, and Islamic organizations, many of them seemingly innocent front organizations serving as "gateway" organizations for hard core Islamic terror. 

Self declared vanguards of "human rights" such as Pakistan, the Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia have funded upwards of billions of dollars to fund this modern day attempt to infiltrate western societies. Over the past two decades and even more so since 9/11, as tens of millions of Islamic families have immigrated to western nations establishing Islamic based societies within and under the nose of democratic societies. Alongside this undeniable attempt to change the demographics of many democratic societies in the West, we have witnessed an unprecedented snowball of de-legitimization of Israel leading to a situation today in which the streets of many European capitals are unsafe for Jews to walk freely, coupled with Israel being portrayed as the number one enemy of the world. What's the connection and how are they related.

A former Israeli Prime Minister once stated that he doesn't have the privilege of getting angry, too much is as stake. Yet as we assess the battering that Israel has consistently taken in recent years, the apartheid and BDS propaganda against Israel has been ongoing for years creating a strategic threat on the State of Israel. Academic boycotts and the BDS movement as propagated by Western intelligentsia are funded and fueled by the very Islamic nations that are behind the mass immigration of Muslims to western nations. What better way to keep this quiet Islamic revolution aiming to change the course of Western societies than invest relatively small amounts of money on funding professional Islamic students who register at the top Universities and do nothing more than take over the public discourse in the campuses of Europe and America, keeping them erroneously busy demonstrating against Israel around the clock. Supporting whole Universities and faculties with seemingly endless funding to deny Israel's legitimacy and deny her scientific, political, and cultural successes to the benefit of all nations. The simple fact that the Arabs of Israel enjoy more democratic and human rights than any Arab in any Islamic nation would in itself neutralize all the false propaganda against Israel of being an Apartheid state, yet is conveniently ignored entirely. The massive funding of NGO's throughout Europe and the United States and of course in Israel itself churns out day in and day out false testimonies, commission, reports, and an endless amount of material that is disseminated by journalists and media outlets who are paid handsome fees to report and add to the already hostile atmosphere that exists out there against Israel

Israel’s staunchest critics often say little about the real human disasters of this world, specifically in the Islamic world. This is the real tragedy of our times. Israel will get by, survive and flourish, of that I am sure. I am not so sure about the rest of the World.