In the weeks following the election of President Trump, the dams have burst forth, sending legions of demonstrators into the streets of America in the hope of warding off the impending inevitability of a Trump incumbency. Yet despite the tens of thousands of demonstrators and the hundreds of organizations leading them, what is highlighted by the mainstream media are signs like “Never Again – Jews Against Trump” and bold headlines about the arrest of 19 rabbis (or so-called rabbis) while demonstrating opposite the Trump Tower in New York City.

In response to President Trump’s directive to stop the free flow of Muslim immigrants who may pose a potential threat to national security, one would think that the first line of demonstrators would be packed by American Muslim religious leaders or American church leaders who historically have backed Muslim rights in the United States. Instead we see a steady stream of rabbis, Jewish organizations, and Jewish demonstrators who boldly identify themselves as Jews being paraded at the head of these demonstrations against President Trump and against the American electoral process.

Invoking the Holocaust in their message against Trump so as to imply a connection between Trump and the Nazi Party, or having rabbis invoke their religion to convey a message that the Jewish religion is against President Trump, is all part and parcel of a “useful idiot” strategy being implemented by the Democratic Party and other leftist organizations funding the protests.

Over the past months, there have been 57 bomb threats to 48 Jewish community centers; there have been neo-Nazi marches in a number of states; and swastikas have been reported throughout the United States at a rate unseen in recent times. The steep increase in anti-Semitic attacks throughout the United States is being portrayed by mainstream media outlets as coinciding with the election of President Trump, leading the public to believe that the alt-right and anti-Semitic forces are on the march with impunity.

Little if any media attention has been given to the fact that for the past 15 years, since the Durban Conference in 2001, when the BDS and the delegitimization movements against Israel were established, ultra-liberal sanctimonious Jews and leftist Jewish organizations have been at the forefront of political activity demonizing Israel, working to portray it as an apartheid state committing genocide against the Palestinian Arabs.

When Jews attack Jews, and when Jews deny the State of Israel the basic right of self-defense afforded to all nations of the world, thereby making it OK to express hatred of Israel, they are inciting hatred toward themselves and hatred towards the Jews of America and around the world. When we hear Jews vigorously condemn Israel and then condemn Trump, dismissing the legitimacy of the election results while at the same time inflaming the public discourse with vulgar language, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the anti-Semites feel empowered. In such an environment, taking the short leap to single out Jews as responsible for the uncertainty and confusion felt by the American public during the post-election period is inevitable.

With comedian Sarah Silverman calling for a military coup to overthrow President Trump, and Israeli singer Noa calling the President Trump “a modern-day Hitler,” I anticipate that it is going to get worse, possibly much worse, for American Jews before it gets better. What began as an anti-Israel, anti-settler campaign has mushroomed into widespread anti-Semitism that does not differentiate between Orthodox and Reform, between Israel or the “settlers,” between the “start-up nation” and “a light unto nations.” For these anti-Semites, whether they be the alt-right or jihadist Islamic organizations, all Jews look alike, all are equally guilty, and all are equally fair game.

Jews’ overrepresentation among political donors, politicians, activists, academics, and of course as voters for the Democratic Party make them an anathema for those that do not share the Democratic Party’s vision of what America should look like. American Jews are quickly approaching the proverbial crossroads, yet they are too busy running from demonstration to demonstration to notice the writing on the wall.

For the past century, Jews have been the greatest supporters of the Democratic Party. From the days when Jews were garment workers or cabdrivers and until today, Jews have benefited more than any other ethnic group from America’s freedom and economic prosperity. Yet, despite the economic success of American Jews, they continue to refuse to embrace the politics of economic prosperity that produce goods and innovations for all. These Jews continue to reject the capitalist model embodied in the Republican Party and instead blindly continue to support the socialist model of the Democratic Party. It is economic prosperity and not socialism that has made America great.

With President Trump having Jewish in-laws and with his Jewish grandchildren visiting Grandpa Donald at the White House, and with Trump’s long history of Jewish advisers and Jewish associates, let alone the fact that he grew up in the predominantly Jewish environments of Queens and Brooklyn during his formative years, it would be wise for many of these sanctimonious self-appointed Jewish leaders to open up their eyes and their hearts and give the American public and the newly elected American president a break. The alternative will sustain and empower the continued anti-Semitism that is poisoning the minds of so many Americans.