Over the past weeks, a spontaneous consumer campaign conducted has resulted in the major food conglomerates to reduce the price of cottage cheese. Tnuva Chairwoman Zehavit Cohen said in response, "Today all manufacturers and chains in Israel are beginning a new era in their relationship with consumers. CEO Arik Schor added, "We were surprised by the extent of the public's emotional involvement towards Tnuva and cottage cheese. "We understand that cottage cheese symbolizes the public struggle and the public's frustration over the cost of living and the rising food prices," he said.

The struggle over cottage cheese symbolizes much more. It is well known here in Israel that the Leftist Elite is top heavy with company's that were established by the Histradrut and labor party officials, many of the leading industrialists in Israel are associated with political parties that are in a constant struggle with the Likud and its leader Prime Minister Netanyahu. The "gentleman's agreement" between the Leftist Elite, heads of conglomerates, liberal media outlets that control the public discourse, and of course the Histradrut unions have supported political initiatives that have made our lives in Israel an ongoing struggle, always forcing our attention and concern to be diverted to life and death issues.

How can the average citizen be expected to be concerned with the price of cottage cheese when missiles and rockets are raining on our heads. How can the average consumer keep tab of how rich the heads of conglomerates become by charging the consumer so much more for comparable products sold elsewhere in the world. Only after the success of the cottage cheese campaign can we begin to understand that the support of failing political agreements that have made our lives at times seemingly unbearable are serving the interests of the leading manufacturers here in Israel, they simply can charge whatever they want. No one on a national level is really concerned with the cost of our standard of living, we are too busy rejoicing in being alive.

The Elitist Left lead by the liberal media has been able to promote political agreements proven to be damaging to the interests of the State of Israel. These agreements such as Oslo in 1993 and such as the Disengagement in 2005 where the result of a "gentleman's agreement" that enables the rich to become even richer and in response giving tacit support for political initiatives executed by the Left. The general public is forced to pay twice, once by paying double for cottage cheese and our higher standard of living, and secondly for peace agreements that have killed and wounded thousands of Israeli's in 1993 when the Oslo agreement was signed.

Much has been written about how the Elitist Left has been able to promote and succeed in exposing Israel to unnecessary security risks that have created a reality in which the; north and the south of Israel is under a daily threat of missile attacks. The cottage cheese campaign has exposed to the general public that not only is the price of cheese exorbitant, but more so, that the price of peace is unjustified for the Israeli consumer.