Former senior officials who have hinted at imminent disaster under Netanyahu's leadership are unable to accept the achievements and accomplishments of the Netanyahu Administration weathering successfully the openly hostile and anti-Israel Obama Presidency, the "Arab spring", the deteriorating world economic situation, and the Palestinian Arabs who refuse to recognize Israel as the home of the Jewish Nation. All across the board Netanyahu's successes have frustrated the Left to the point of desperation. Former senior officials, now officially out of the closet and affiliated with the Left are even questioning the competency of Netanyahu to continue leading, ignoring that he is a democratically elected leader to serve as Prime Minister

Over recent years in situations when the Prime Minister of Israel was ill or temporarily unable to fulfill his duties, there has been almost complete transparency. In recent years as former Prime Minister Sharon or former Prime Minister Olmert became ill, treating physicians called for press conferences and shared with the public their assessments.  However, it now seems that the days of transparency are no longer enveloping the Prime Minister's office. What kind of alleged disorder has inflicted Prime Minister Netanyahu that has been kept secret from the public?

In recent months, a former advisor, a director of the Mossad, Meir Dagan – almost immediately upon retiring began hinting publicly to the nation with complete backing by the national media about an immanent disaster. Dagan spoke about his lack of trust of Netanyahu who seemed to be exhibiting "a loss of control"; "a confused leader incapable of taking proper decisions". Rumors where spread about movement towards the abyss in regard to the threat from Iran. Dagan's unsubstantiated hints and accusations were welcomed by the cheering liberal left, anti-Zionists were juiced up to join the chorus, great disaster lies at our doorstep, they said, but they failed to provide factual details or any credible evidence to support these hints and outright accusations.  Dagan who only recently was meeting with Netanyahu regularly and a full partner to many of Israel's recent strategic decisions evidently saw things that caused him to shudder. What did Meir Dagan – who already saw everything – see there that bothers him so much? What is this non-physical malady that is nesting at the top of our executive branch and is not letting Dagan and other former officials sleep quietly since they quit?

If for a moment we are able to turn away from the shrieking events of the day, from everything that glares from the front pages, and from the mouths of former officials who only yesterday retired, let's examine what is really being said in the name of "deep concern". Who would have believed in 1948, when this state was established thank G-d that in 63 years time, the single most danger to the existence of the State of Israel would be by the Left and their anti-Zionist supporters throughout the world. After realizing the extent of Israel's strength, not only military strength by also the spiritual strength of the people of Israel, they the Left have chosen a strategy to attack the Jewish Nation through "words".They are "words" that are in actuality only static noise. These "words" pretend to me meaningful, but they are actually completely irresponsible and false. The media is drowning us in these "words". Our political debate has always been known for it's rhetorical pretentiousness. The Israeli political voice has always been simultaneously catastrophic, absolute, condescending, arrogant and empty-headed. Today, it is geared, oiled, and fired at the democratically elected head of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu.The prophecies of doom, the babble of the political and military correspondents with their shrill voices repeating over and over again their warnings, joining up with retiring officials like Dagan. It takes some time to understand this existential danger to the State of Israel because it is a way of life, a habit. It is a way of life lacking true discourse, true judgment and a wide perspective. An inane existence beret of real debate. This is the Leftist and anti-Zionistic media campaign in which we are all drowning, becoming perpetually numb.

The ongoing diatribe projecting a crisis of legitimacy for the government of Israel and its leader, Netanyahu has delegated the Zionist pioneering spirit to the past, ignoring the enormous historical effort over generations by those deciding to live here in Israel. This "deep crisis" of legitimacy has boomeranged and created for the Left a crisis of faith in the State itself. They are exhausted from a prolonged struggle; they have latent theological issues that remain unanswered. They the Left are disputing the legitimacy and sovereignty of the government of Israel led by Netanyahu, not recognizing the state's authority to decide on matters of war and peace.They the Left find it impossible to understand this complex mix of achievement by Netanyahu and so they revert to flooding us with their "words" of despair. They the Left should take heed from Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion who said about Israel; "in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles".

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