We are living in a period in which a global industry of lies has arisen dedicated to the demonization and delegitimization of Israel. The goal is nothing less than the dismantlement of the State of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish nation. This global effort is based on thousands of NGO’s, organizations, foundations, and websites channeling hundreds of millions of dollars giving them unparalleled power and influence among the western media. Israel’s every action is reported obsessively, held to standards of behavior expected of no other country, let alone Arab nations, falsely and intentionally being accused of imposing wanton suffering. The false narrative of Arab propaganda is now so deeply embedded in the public debate concerning Israel that rationality has been replaced by ideology and truth has been replaced by a constructed reality. absurd as it may be. Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions, International tribunals, are all part of the global industry of lies and they have become a strategic threat to Israel.

At the forefront of this industry of lies are Leftists including Israeli’s, ex-Israeli’s, American Jews, and European Jews who become outraged and agitated and define any action or reaction by Israel as a provocation that oppresses the Palestinian Arabs.These Leftists, our brothers and sisters must be reached, touched, and convinced that there is a difference between criticism and demonization and that the current campaign by the industry of lies against Israel is of the latter. Criticism, and there is much of it within Israel’s healthy democracy, can result in positive change, but the focused effort to demonize Israel  and create a judicial climate disallowing Israel even the basic right of self-defense, is undermining Israel’s very existence.

Let us try being rational, objective and proportional – how to go about convincing the left. Share with them the following;

 Human Rights - The Left fights for human rights in the world. There is no international or historical comparison that could reasonably rank Israel among the worst criminals of the world or of history. Whether we look at the scale of the conflict, the numbers of lives lost, or the treatment of the press or of dissidents, there are far too many examples of bloodshed and persecution dwarfing anything done by Israel against the Palestinian Arabs over the last four decades since the Six Day War, when the Arab nations attacked Israel (Please be reminded that this was before Israel controlled Judea and Samaria, prior to the first settlement ever being established). Even Arab treatment of Palestinians, such as in Jordan's Black September massacre, caused thousands of deaths, possibly more in 10 days than in four decades of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Moreover, how can we compare Israel to Mugabe's Zimbabwe, or the Chinese crackdown on Tibet and Tiananmen? Or the disappearances and death squads of Latin America or the killing fields of Pol Pot? Let alone the genocide pursued by Hitler or Stalin's murderous reign? Let us be clear: genocide is the attempt to exterminate an entire people and culture; this is not what has happened to the Palestinian Arabs, and it is not the goal of Israeli policy. By contrast, the explicit aim of Hamas is to eliminate Israel.

 Internationalism - Leftists tend to support internationalism. One would think that the United Nations would be the world body most dedicated to furthering this aim. However, how is it that Israel, this small nation, has become such a central concern? From 2003-2010, there have been more than 900 human rights actions against Israel at the U.N.; the next closest is Sudan at just fewer than 400. Israel is the only member of the U.N. to be excluded from any of the five regional groups. Should not all on the Left oppose the absurdity of the so-called Human Rights Council, whose members include such “pillars” of humanitarianism as China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Kyrgyzstan? How can Leftists stand silent when the Turkish Prime Minister denounces Israel for human rights crimes while then promising that the Kurds will "drown in their own blood," in a conflict with human rights abuses on both sides and tens of thousands individuals killed, not forgetting the Armenian genocide committed by Turkey at the beginning of the last century. Gaza may not be the ideal place to live, nevertheless the photos in the New York Times and elsewhere and the testimony of reporters clearly demonstrate that Gazans are not starving, their store shelves are not empty, whether for food or consumer goods; as difficult as the situation may be, lets not forget their unprovoked firing of missiles into Israel almost on a daily basis,  it is simply not the pinnacle of a human rights disaster.

 Peace - Leftists want peace. In the Middle East and elsewhere. The polls make clear that, overwhelmingly, Israelis desire peace with their neighbors; the difficult sacrifices, including the unilateral withdrawal and disengagement from Gaza make this evident. Israelis are prepared for a secure, two-state solution, to live side-by-side in peace. Meanwhile, the stated goal of its enemies is to end Israel’s existence. A simple thought-experiment should make the matter starkly clear: If tomorrow Hamas and other Palestinian groups unilaterally put down their weapons, what would follow? Peace. If Israelis unilaterally put down their weapons, what would follow? Millions of dead or exiled Jews. Anyone on the Left who does not recognize this is living in denial. Leftists should support peace and not live in denial.

Those of us who are able to look at reality straight in the eyes, unfazed by the industry of lies permeating the public discourse must make our voice heard, we must motivate our supporters throughout the world to speak up and challenge the false narrative of Arab propaganda presented as truth.

Part II to be continued next week…………………

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