The United States of America and Israel share something fundamental and essential: We are both, first and foremost, an idea... We are nations that seek to set an example, to be a shining light guiding the evolution of a better society and better mankind. We don’t have a choice but to be exceptional, each in its own way. America has been among other symbols for the last century a leading economic superpower. However, only recently the U.S. averted an unprecedented and devastating default on the government's loans only two weeks ago after President Barack Obama reluctantly signed a last-minute debt ceiling bill. When President Obama begin his term, the US national dept stood at 10 Trillion dollars and today less than 3 years into Obama's presidency, today the US national debt stands at no less than 14 Trillion dollars. The fragile state of the U.S. economy and the country's unsustainable debt have been generating headlines across the world this summer, with many economics experts weighing in on how the U.S. has gotten to this point and what can be done about it. Economist and author Daniel Altman says there is a fairly simple explanation for America's complicated debt crisis: he calls it narcissism. That is, narcissism characterized by political leaders who really believe that they're the only ones who matter, that they're going to succeed no matter what reality might be telling them to the contrary. What this means for the US economy is that America has a President that's happy to kick all of the current national debt onto the future so that future generations will pay for them, and allow him to continue and distribute trillions.

In reference to Obama’s narcissism, Charles Krauthammer asks, “[H]as there ever been a President with a wider gap between his estimation of himself and the sum total of his lifetime achievements?”

Grandiosity, as opposed to generosity, is what characterizes Obama’s character and Obama’s narcissism has become obvious to many. This culture of narcissism as so finely role modeled by President Obama has been his single success during his Presidency as the people of his extended global family have adopted his culture of narcissism while translating it into a right to entitlement, a right to demand what is not theirs or within their immediate reach.

In recent months as the Arab Spring triggered rebellions throughout the Arab world, and the Israeli Summer brought out tens of thousands of Israelis into the streets, protesting the lack of affordable happiness. From Athens to Barcelona to London, European town squares have been taken over by young people, in many cases whole Muslim communities demonstrating against cutting down the size and scope of welfare state entitlements. What we are witnessing today, by and large, is a form of global narcissism fueled by facebook and twitter and other social network venues reinforcing the feeling among those online that they are entitled to be happy, but don’t know how to achieve this state of bliss. They feel that the comfort zone is out of their grasp, they want gratification and they want it now without any grasp or understanding of what one needs to do to achieve and sustain this state of happiness.

Many of Obama's media messenger boys have begun speaking about the merger of globalization and Information Technology as being the single most important trend today. Holding this trend as primarily responsible for the high unemployment throughout America by claiming that higher productivity rates and cheap foreign ingenuity are chiefly responsible for the state of the American economy, and not Obama's destructive narcissistic behavior from day one in the White House. The truth is that the globalization and easy access to information has created a unified front to attack and discredit the Western World, and those very countries that were fortunate enough to adopt free market economies.

Israel being the only country in the entire Middle East that has a free market economy is a serial target of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions from the very organizations and nations that deny economic realities. According to Obama's logic and understanding of why the American economy is at a standstill, Israel should also be suffering from the very same severe unemployment. Why don't the higher productivity rates and the availability of cheap foreign ingenuity cause high unemployment rates in Israel. The only logical answer is that Obama's media messenger boys are thinking, talking, and writing ideas and opinions that are manufactured day by day to support Obama's inability to take responsibility and adapt to the economic realities that exist in today's global economic environment. Obama being a typical narcissist can only blame others, one day the Republicans, another day the Conservatives. Obama has no real message, no compelling narrative, he doesn't really know how to fight for his positions because he has no real positions, and when Obama has an opportunity to make a real difference, he loses it by being overly accommodating. Soon I expect that we will be hearing that it became necessary to destroy the economy to Save It.