As it turns out folks, the Palestinian Arab-Israeli conflict is not the core conflict of the Middle East and is not the key to regional stability. The lack of basic human rights and the lack of democratic structures in all of the Arab nations is the reason that chaos has erupted. No Arab nation will evade this awakening or be able to ignore the demand for basic human rights.

>For almost a half a century, we have been lead to believe that Israel is the single cause of everything wrong in the Middle East.  The glue that brought together all the different vying sects, religions, tribes, nationalities and minorities till now was Israel, this glue no longer sticks. The Arab masses who have demonstrated for the past two months have proven once and for all that the Arabs living within Israel enjoy the very democratic and human rights that are lacking in all of the Arab nations of the Middle East.

Since the establishment of Israel, we have gotten accustomed to hearing assessments by global political experts, media personalities, news commentators and the Arabs themselves claiming that Israel is at fault for the Middle East’s regressive state, that the Arabs are preoccupied with the struggle against Israel, and  should Israel’s conflict with the Arab world be resolved, cosmic tranquility and eternal piece will sweep through the region, ushering in progress, prosperity and happiness.

This inherently incorrect doctrine allowed world leaders to go along with the charade, blaming Israel for all of the region’s ills. In the meanwhile, allowing the flow of oil quietly to reach its destination. This doctrine was inherently false, securing a convenient common denominator for the Arabs, and helping them avoid looking in the mirror. However, many of our own political leaders have fallen in this trap. To this day, this false doctrine guides many political leaders such as Shimon Peres who continue claiming that a solution to the Palestinian Arab conflict will serve to stabilize the whole region or Obama’s close associates who continue pressing  for the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state, as though that would bring stability to the Middle East.

Israel has nothing to do with the Libyan civil war, or the events leading to Egypt’s implosion, Syria a nation ruled by a small minority over a Sunni majority is soon approaching a violent regime change, Lebanon is being cooked in its own juices, Yemen is reaching boiling point, Saudi Arabia is shaking, Bahrain is battleground a between Shiites and Sunnis, and so are Tunisia, and Algeria. The former colonial powers who established all of the current borders of the Arab nations, disregarding tribal and ethnic differences planted the original seeds of the current chaos we are witnessing. All of this has absolutely nothing to do with Israel.

Many Western politicians and media commentators, unable to adjust to the fast face of change are having a tough time coping with the collapse of “Israel being the heart of the Middle East conflict theory”. The implication is that Israel, which until now was perceived as a problem, is turning into a sort of solution. As opposed to the sea of tribes, sects and religions in the Middle East, Israel is a stable, reliable, credible and democratic force. One can work with Israel, and trust Israel to serve as the bastion of Western, democratic and international interests.

Once upon a time, people would say that there are some pro-Western rulers in the Middle East. Yet where are they today? Ranging from Mubarak to Ben Ali and from Gaddafi to the kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, they have all evaporated or have become greatly weakened. From now on, they shall keep their distance from the “disloyal” West who encouraged the Arab masses to revolt against their rule, and publicly humiliated Arab leaders. Israel is now not only the West’s most reliable regional ally, but the West’s only ally.

With Israel now clearing itself of the “root of all evil” blood libel and the demonization that surrounded it, the Jewish state can look the West straight in the eyes, hold its head up high, and resume its relationship with the world on a new basis. We must repeat this new status everywhere, we must expose those that continue to speak in terms of what was in the past. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the old doctrine, whereby the Israeli-Arab or Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the key to Middle Eastern stability, is false, and apparently was never true.

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