As the election results in Egypt become known, it seems as if everything that Obama promised about the Arab spring has been one big lie, one big deception. In line with Obama's recent new image, one would expect to hear from the White House, that Obama expects of the new democratically elected Islamic governments, especially in Egypt, to accept and maintain the rule of democratic law. Instead, we have witnessed across the board adoption of Shaaria Law in all of the Arab countries that have held elections. The recently elected Islamic leaders have stated publicly that Shaaria law automatically overrules Democracy and freedom. Obama, reverting back to his old ways has used his failure in leadership, and his strategic blunders to renew his attacks on Israel by sending top officials to blame Israel for the Middle East becoming one big Islamic state

        As the enormity of Obama's unexplainable strategic blunders in the Middle East became transparent this past week damaging his new "public" image, Obama send Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, to publicly blame Israel for the lack of progress in "peace" negotiations and  told Israel to “just get to the damn table” in peace negotiations with the Palestinians. He liked the “just get to the damn table” line so much that he repeated it, for good measure. After making sure that Israel was solely to be blamed for lack of progress in the "peace" negotiations letting the Palestinian Authority and Hamas of the hook for refusing to negotiate and after taking unilateral action at the United Nations in total disregard to American interests. For Israel however he doesn't give an inch, Panetta continued and warned Israel against interpreting the Islamicization of the Middle East  as an excuse not to enter into negotiations; "I understand the view that this is not the time to pursue peace, and that the Arab awakening further imperils the dream of a safe and secure, Jewish and democratic Israel. But I disagree with that view," Panetta continues and states that the United States would safeguard Israel's security, ensure regional stability and prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclearcapability. Meaningless words and empty promises made in the name of a President who intends to lean on Israel and squeeze out concessions so as to show something other than failure and incompetence.

But it only gets worse. This past week the US ambassador in Belgium, Howard Gutman, a lawyer by training, appointed to the post by President Obama, is Jewish and played a major role in fundraising for the Democratic Party. This Obama appointee stated that "A distinction should be made between traditional anti-Semitism, which should be condemned and Muslim hatred for Jews, which stems from the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians," Gutman said. He also claimed that an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty will significantly diminish Muslim anti-Semitism. Evidently the Obama administration has decided to suspend logic and create an entirely false narrative of what exactly is anti-Semitism. Melanie Philips, a British journalist has stated that this

suspension of logic is very similar to the inversion of reality commonly found within the Islamic world, where such an inversion has a theological base. Because Islam is considered perfect, believers of Islam can never do wrong. All their aggression is therefore represented as self-defense, while western/Israeli self-defense is said to be aggression. In this Orwellian universe, the enslavement of Muslim women is said to represent their liberation; democracy is a means of enslavement from which the west must be freed; and the murder of Jews anywhere and Israelis in particular is the purest form of justice. So today's modern anti-Semite simply has created an new category, rather than hate the Jews, he hates Israel, he is an anti-Zionist. The modern anti-Semite will not state that Jews have no place in this world but will claim that Israel has no moral right to exist. The US Ambassador of Belgium has expressed strongly what we all suspect of the Obama administration, identification and understanding of Muslim anti-Semitism, despite the ensuing denials by the White House.

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich joined those arguing against this line of thinking that a verbal rebuke by the White House was not enough. President Obama should fire his personal appointee the ambassador to Brussels, for being so wrong about anti-Semitism.  Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matthew Brooks echoed similar sentiments, adding that: "The linkage in the ambassador's remarks, blaming Israel for anti-Semitism, is a short step from the linkage that President Obama has expressed several times himself, that Israel is to blame for the unrest and instability in the Middle East. Both forms of linkage are fundamentally wrong.” Both represent an adoption of the Islamic narrative.

 As we hear in disbelieve the opinions expressed by officials personally appointed by President Obama, one cannot deny the gut feeling that keeps returning every time Obama runs into trouble; his knee-jerk reaction is always to blame the Jews, blame Israel, just don't blame me.