The hatred for Prime Minister Netanyahu goes deep. It stems from the days when he was falsely accused of being an indirect inciter to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. It continued in the days when it seemed that peace was within reach and only Netanyahu was accused of preventing it.  After it transpired that even in Netanyahu's absence there was no peace only terror, the hatred toward him did not diminish. It simply transformed itself. The Israeli liberal “elite” cannot forgive Netanyahu for being the most eloquent, coherent and powerful speaker of the right in Israeli politics.  In the absence of real peace and in the absence of any faith in peace process with the Palestinian Arabs, hating and demonizing Netanyahu remains the left-wing tribe's cathartic kumbaya campfire. After the election of President Obama, the left had a willing partner in the White House to go after Netanyahu.

Day by day political pressure from within and from abroad is being exerted to force Netanyahu to implement policies that betray his and his voters' own sensibilities. Only this past week President Obama met with American Jewish leaders, turning the pressure up by escalating the hostility he harbors towards Netanyahu. This hostility was most apparent during the meeting when Obama made it clear that Israel is to blame for the absence of peace in the Middle East, ending by telling the Jewish leaders to  “search your souls” over Israel’s seriousness about making peace.

Never mind the chaos in the Middle East over the past months as a direct result of Obama’s vacillation and hypocrisy always making the wrong decisions and bringing upon us a geo-strategic catastrophe, never mind the realization that the masses demonstrating in the Arab countries did so for reasons having absolutely nothing to do with the Palestinian Arabs. They showed us that the core of the conflict in the Middle East has to do with the lack of human rights in the Arab countries unrelated to Israel. Now Obama is planning to move his  administration to support the Palestinian plan to declare statehood. That state would include all of Judea and Samaria, Gaza and Eastern, Southern and Northern Jerusalem. Obama in cahoots with the Israeli left is ignoring the will of the voting public in Israel similar to the manner in which ignores the will of the voting public in America. Together with the “liberal left” Obama is going to attempt to make Netanyahu agree to abandon the demand for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Arab Authority and to ignore their refusal to accepts Israel’s right to exist. Obama will demand of Netanyahu to accept a de-facto Palestinian Arab state within the 1967 borders also known as the Auschwitz borders. All this transpiring during Obama’s first term as his ratings are at their all time lows.

For the past two years Obama has consistently demonstrated that no Israeli concession will convince him to support Israel against the Palestinian Arabs. Every concession made by Netanyahu has been met by Palestinian Arab intransigence. Netanyahu has correctly claimed that the Palestinian Arabs’ intransigence has proven they are not interested in peace has been of no interest to Obama. It is this lack of interest in Palestinian Arab intransigence even more so than Palestinian intransigence itself that is remarkable and worth examining. What it shows to us all is that Obama doesn’t care about achieving peace. Like the Palestinian Arabs, all Obama wants are more Israeli concessions. Obama is simply desperate to show something tangible for his wasted efforts in the Middle East. Otherwise, his only legacy concerning the Middle East will be the abandonment of allies and friends, leaving the Muslim Brotherhood in control of most of the world’s oil supplies.

With all this said and done, there is still something missing that does not quite explain Obama’s hostility towards Netanyahu. The truth is that hating Netanyahu makes life easier for Obama. This hostility responds to Obama’s emotional needs, that is, the hatred of Netanyahu saves Obama from having to deal with his own internal contradictions and mistakes over the past two years of his Presidency. Hatred of Netanyahu and quite likely Israel enables Obama to conveniently forget that before the Middle East bubble burst and the millions of Arabs took to the streets, Obama by adopting the agenda of the “Liberal Left” believed the illusion. The illusion that all one has to do is force Israel to pull back and peace will ensue, it also enables Obama to ignore the Iranian nuclear threat, and to ignore the likelihood that the Arab nations will be taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, to believe in the “liberal lefts” policy thinking based on land for peace. and more to home, to ignore the fact that a gallon of gas will soon hit 5 dollars. Thanks to the hatred of Netanyahu, Obama can convince himself that if we only beat up Netanyahu a little harder, if Obama could only manage to break Netanyahu’s political bones, if Obama could only vanquish him and get him out of our lives, then everything would be OK. However as reality testing sets in, and the more that Obama finds himself sliding down the slippery ratings pole, Netanyahu should expect to be ridiculed, humiliated, scolded at and finally hated for what he is, the torchbearer of truth, the anchor of responsible strategic thinking, and the final stop before the cliff.