During these trying times, Israel has not lost her ability to think ahead and lead the world away from dependency on Arab oil. As gasoline hits 5 bucks a gallon, at least someone is doing something about it. “Better Place”, the California start-up founded by Israeli businessman Shai Agassi, will begin selling electric cars in Israel this summer.


The company has reportedly closed its visitor center in Israel and will be converting it into a sales center, where they will be offering the first fully electrical commercial car for sale in Israel, the Renault Fluence



During the past few months, “Better Place” introduced its battery replacement solution. Since then they have signed an agreement with a local gasoline station chain to install these battery replacement points for their electric vehicles in their gas stations.



These battery replacement stations, along with the thousands of charging stations being placed all over Israel, will make Israel the first fully electric networked country and a pilot for the rest of the world.



Israelis have to pay a premium on cars due to the 90% purchase tax on regular cars. As an incentive to go green, Israel has reduced the purchase price tax on electric cars to 10%, which will create significant savings.



“Better Place” has also signed agreement with the government of Ontario to develop an electric network through the province and create a model for the adoption of electric cars in Canada.



Ontario, which is one of North America's largest car producing regions, seeks to transition its auto manufacturing sector for future growth from electric vehicles production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



So as the Arabs plan their next useless flotilla to Gaza, which benefits no one, Israel is pushing ahead and preparing a blueprint for the world to end the dependency on Arab oil.