Last week as reported in Commentary, the Democratic Party lost two significant special elections that were referendums on President Obama and the Democratic Party that he represents. The Democratic Party sustained an eight-point loss in a New York district (NY-9) they had controlled since the Harding Presidency and got wiped out by 22 points in a swing Nevada district (NV-2) known as a battleground state. Lost in the avalanche of commentary about the "shocking" victory of a Republican in a heavily Jewish New York Congressional district this week was one inexcusable comment from a prominent Democrat about the prospect of just such a defeat for his party. Rather than defend his party on the issues and Obama's ineptness, he responded by echoing a well-established anti-Semitic cliché, Rep. Henry Waxman from California claimed the reason many Jews were trending Republican was only because they care about their money. Only two weeks ago an Obama-allied Center for American Progress released a report that blames Islamophobia in America on a small group of Jews and Israel supporters in America, whose views are being backed by millions of dollars.  This "network", according to the news release, "have worked hard to push narratives that Obama might be a Muslim, that mosques are incubators of radicalization, and that "radical Islam" has infiltrated all aspects of American society -- including the conservative movement. Who are the figures mentioned as the promoters of prejudice? Most of them are prominent Jews and supporters of Israel, such as David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson. The trend is obvious and will gain force as the Presidential elections heats up, Jews were blamed for voting for Obama last time, and now Jews are being blamed for abandoning Obama and voting Republican this time. It seems that its finally sinking in that Obama is taking the Democratic party down with him.

Obama's undeniable repugnance towards Israel has reinforced anti-Semitism in America by blaming Jews for the Democrats' losses. Obama's message that the Palestinians can do no wrong has fostered and facilitated the pervasive perception within the Palestinian Authority and its unelected leader and Holocaust denier Abu Mazen that as far as the Palestinian cause is concerned, Obama has been the most supportive American President of the Palestinian narrative that has ever been elected, yet this will end in the coming year. Similar to many in the Democratic Party, the Palestinian Authority too are now operating under the assumption that Obama will be gone by next year, and now is the time to make their move in the UN. Any future American President would not allow the Palestinian Authority to act in such flagrant disregard for American interests. Abu Mazen and his cohorts know that only during Obama's watch can they drag the whole world down the slippery pole of the false Palestinian narrative and live to tell about it. Historically, Palestinian society has never seen Jewish sovereignty or Israel's existence as a “right.” The Palestinian Arabs are expected to concede nothing -- not even their oft-stated goal of the phased destruction of Israel.  Nothing illustrates the hypocrisy better than a comparison of their demand that Israel accept an Arab "right of return" with their ambition for a state that would be ethnically cleansed of all Jews.  Like the Nazis with whom the Mufti and other Arab leaders were so closely allied during the Second World War, they seek to create a Judenrein state as a springboard for the elimination of a Jewish presence in the Mideast.  Abu Mazen knows that Obama can not and will not do anything to harm or hinder this Palestinian quest even as they spit in the face of American interests.

 Only last week, Zakariya al-Agha, a PLO official stated that the Palestinian Authority was going to the UN because President Obama, in his last speech to the UN in 2010, talked about the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state within one year. Abu Mazen declared this week that "We are going to the Security Council," Abbas declared. "As soon as I finish delivering my speech [at the UN on September 23], I will submit the application [for membership] to the UN Secretary-General, who will relay it to the president of the Security Council." All of this is reflective of the warped and myopic understanding of history that has convinced Palestinian leadership that it is Israel and the West that created the Arab-Palestinian refugees, rather their own Arab leaders who put them in this perpetual state intentionally. Today, the perfidy of Palestinian society lies in its division, dysfunctionality, and complete denial of the reality it lives in.

In September 1970, Palestinian terror amounted a direct challenge to the sovereign rule of Jordan’s King Hussein. Palestinian terrorists had essentially taken control over a significant portion of the Kingdom. Jordan declared war on Palestinian groups in the country, the long battle that left Twenty thousand Palestinians dead ended with the expulsion of the Palestine Liberation Organization and thousands of terrorists to Lebanon. The episode was dubbed Black September. In retrospect, the Palestinians have learned nothing over the past half a century. The month of September will forever be remembered then and now in 2011, as the Palestinian Black September.

* The term Palestinian was for illustrative purposes only, the term Arabs of Judea and Samaria is the correct expression

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