The creation of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement is a clear sign that Obama cannot be counted upon by his liberal supporters to be re-elected. The expected loss of the White House by the Democratic Party will most likely enable the Republicans to govern America for the coming decade. This is unacceptable to the Liberal Left, who believe that they and only they are destined to govern America. They claim loudly that they are more intelligent and more able to know what's best for America than their conservative counterparts. However Obama's continuing ineptness and ineffective decision making concerning the economy has exposed this liberal mantra for what it is, a condescending and hallow believe, as Obama loses major sectors of support among the American public.  Month after month as the unemployment rate has continued to defy gravity and keep millions of Americans out of work, President Obama has become the one most associated with the unrelenting deteriorating domestic situation in America. In marketing terms, Obama has become a declining brand name, he no longer elicits a positive reaction, and has become a Presidential symbol of failure.


Nothing promotes a popular political libel, that is, the propagation of myths, lies and misinformation better than the convergence of interests by the media, the unions, the Liberals, and yes, the Democratic Party. Obama's Liberal supporters, have devised a wholly created "occupy " movement as a diversion tactic that will shift the blame from Obama to Wall Street, to the banks, to the rich, and if it continues long enough, the blame will be eventually shifted to the Jews. The overall goal is that Obama will no longer be blamed; his credibility will become reminiscent of his status three years ago. The "Occupy Wall Street" movement spreading throughout America to Oakland, New York City, Portland, Los Angelos, Philadelphia,  Seattle,  Boston, Denver, and Des Moines, just to name a few cities, will be with us for the coming year as the 2012 Presidential election nears. The "Occupy" movement has one goal and only one goal; take the heat off Obama, and shift the blame.


There is a consensus that many of the "Occupy" demonstrators marching in the protests are being actively supported by the Democratic Party. Two recent examples are by Reps. Raul Grijalva (D-Arid.) and Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) who said in a joint statement. …“We share the anger and frustration of so many Americans who have seen the enormous toll that an unchecked Wall Street has taken on the overwhelming majority of Americans while benefiting the super wealthy,” and House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson (Conn.) who  released a statement saying, “The silent masses aren’t so silent anymore. They are fighting to give voice to the struggles that everyday Americans are going through.” So here we have it, Obama is not to blame they claim, Wall Street is to blame, Obama is a victim of Wall Street, just like us in the "Occupy" movement.



The problem with the Rebranding of Obama will be part and parcel of this campaign as we see the blame being shifted away from Obama. Till now Obama was perceived as a big-government liberal who has expanded regulations, created uncertainty for business and failed to revive the economy, with millions more Americans out of work than when he took office, and an unsteady leader who is unequipped to turn around a countryin economic crisis. Get ready for the new and improved Obama, who will never ask you, are you better off today than you where only four years ago when I was elected ?



Here in Israel we went through a similar period as recently as this past summer with the social protests taking over public parks, in all of Israel's major cities, and holding mass demonstrations. The parks were not only "occupied" but tent cities were established with similar services to what was reported at Zuccotti Park at Wall Street; public kitchens, infirmaries, libraries, and round the clock music and entertainment. What's common between our social protects and America's "occupy" movement is not only that they are anti-Democratic in nature, ignoring the will of the voting public, ignoring the rule of law, but they are all funded by umbrella organizations that are connected in one way or another to the Jewish Hungarian billionaire and radical anti-American George Soros. This not so nice Jewish boy from Budapest has an even more infamous personal history as to how he survived the Holocaust with many claims arising over the years that he cooperated with the Nazi's.



        Today more than ever, we must remain united in opposing this dangerous blame game created to letting President Obama off the hook. The buck stops at the White House and its about time that Obama takes responsibility during his watch. We can only hope and pray that the American public will withstand the expected effort to rebrand President Obama.  


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