We in Israel must make the American people and Congress understand that deterrence is defense, not revenge, and that irrespective of the negative political repercussions; our government in Jerusalem must protect its citizens. In a total dismissal of this kind of strategic thinking the Obama administration has prevented Israel from responding forcibly during the past two weeks to the latest barrage of missiles that have rained on all of the major cities in southern Israel. President Obama evidently supports the right of Arabs from Gaza to use violence against Israelis, and even to kill Israelis, especially when Israel shows zero willingness to concede on issues of Israeli national security as has been the case since the Netanyahu government took over. Egypt's military and de facto ruling coalition with tacit Muslim Brotherhood support has been a willing partner to Obama's strategy of preventing Israel from strengthening her deterrence and responding against Arab military aggression. A major detrimental consequence of Obama's strategy has been to support the introduction of Egyptian military forces into Sinai in direct violation of the Peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.

This should also be an opportune time to draw the attention of the American people to the implications for Israel of the "Arab Spring," and the consequences of giving in to President Obama's pressure, either to accept the 1949 armistice lines with limited land swaps, and subsequently find ourselves surrounded by Hamastan and Jihadists, both whom do not negotiate and do not take prisoners. We might even wake up to discover that the expected American veto of the UN resolution to establish a Palestinian Arab state may be withdrawn. As one Arab nation after another has been abandoned by the Obama administration only to be violently taken over by anti-Western, and anti-American militants, Israel finds herself faced with an every increasing threat of hostile Arab nations on all of her borders. The latest threat of this nature is along Israel's longest border in the Jordan Valley.

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood has stepped up its criticism of King Abdullah II’s monarchy, going so far as to risk breaking the law by questioning its legitimacy. " Any authority that does not rely on the people does not represent it nor does it express its interests,” declared the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the Brotherhood’s political wing, in a press statement. Since March, the Brotherhood has vociferously criticized the government’s snail-pace political reforms, organizing demonstrations throughout the kingdom. Organizers have planned open-ended sit-ins in Amman’s Gamal Abd Al-Nasser Square, where  previous demonstrations organized by a Islamic youth coalitions were violently dispersed by Jordanian government security forces and pro-monarchy thugs.

King Abdullah II, a key US ally in the region, has failed to snuff out protests and other political activity that has surfaced this year and grown bigger and increasingly critical of his rule in recent months. He has promised reforms and has re-shuffled his cabinet twice, but protesters have been encouraged by their Arab Spring peers across the region and by revelations of corruption in the government. Like mass protests elsewhere in the Middle East this year, young disenfranchised Muslims have been leading the way. But the Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was formed in 1942, is the kingdom’s largest and most organized opposition group and its decision to up the stakes poses a bigger threat to the king. In Jordan the Muslim Brotherhood is quite popular on the Jordanian street, boosted by Obama's announcement that his administration would engage Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the Jordanian movement’s parent organization. The inevitable consequence of this announcement will be that the Jordanian government and the Muslim Brotherhood are headed for conflict similar to what transpired in Egypt. The only reason that this conflict hasn't yet reached a critical boiling point is that criticism of the King and the royal family is still illegal in Jordan, but this restriction will soon be irrelevant.

Now is the time to remind the Obama Administration that over 80% of the Jordanian population define themselves as Palestinian Arabs meaning that effectively Jordan is a Palestinian State.  Rather than Jordan becoming another belligerent Arab state controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, the land of Israel east of the Jordan River should be declared as a Palestinian state. As we all know the British-governed Mandate of Palestine historically included the entire territory of today's Israel and Jordan and that Palestinian and Jordanian leaders themselves believe Jordan and Palestine identical.

As the Middle East approaches the UN vote in September, we the supporters of Israel call upon President Obama to declare that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan be declared at the UN, the democratic nation state of the Palestinian people. Let Jordan be democratic and free, and let the Palestinian people accept upon themselves the full mantle and responsibility of democratic statehood in Jordan - without the destruction or diminishment of the state of Israel and without the physical transfer of any population, neither Jew nor Arab. The alternative will be an additional Islamic threat on Israel's eastern border.

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