Had WikiLeaks not existed, Israel would have had to invent it. The massive leak of US diplomatic documents produces a clear, unequivocal picture: The whole world, including the whole Arab world, and not only Israel, is preoccupied and worried about the Iranian nuclear threat, and not about the Palestinian Arabs. The anti-Israel narrative accusing Israel of being a threat to world peace spread by European and Human Rights organizations has been proven false. Maliciously created to focus world attention on Israel rather than on the real threat to peace in the region, Iran.

Over recent years the international media had us belief that the main problem in the Middle East is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The main problem in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the occupation. The main problem in the occupation is the settlements. Therefore if we just stop the settlements, the occupation will begin to end, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be solved and the Middle East will be stable.

In the last decade, this narrative became fixed and was sanctified. It became a kind of core belief that could not be questioned. This was the truth they swore to in the White House, the Elysee Palace and 10 Downing Street. They reported this truth in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Le Monde and The Guardian. This truth incorporated the supreme moral gravity that formed the worldview of enlightened liberal elites in the West and directed the policies of the Western powers.

Then along came Wikileaks and shattered this unquestionable narrative. The secret documents that WikiLeaks published proved that the settlements, the occupation and even the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were not the main problem in the Middle East. The confidential e-mails proved that the Middle East they were talking about in Washington, Paris and London was an imaginary Middle East. Wikileaks proved that there was no connection between the real Middle East and the Middle East they talk about in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Le Monde and The Guardian. Wikileaks revealed that the entire Arab world is currently busy with one problem only - Iran, Iran, Iran.

There is no doubt about it, the liberal elite as personified above are contaminated by political correctness that cuts them off from diplomatic reality-testing.

Iran’s nuclearization is not just an Israeli existential problem, it makes all world leaders, from Riyadh to Moscow, lose sleep. The Iranian issue is the common thread in the hundreds of thousands of documents that were leaked and it produces a narrative whereby the world expects Israel and the United States, in this order, to do something to stop the “Hitler from Tehran.”

The leak reinforces the main message of two US administrations - which turned out to be incredibly similar to the main message conveyed by Israeli governments: Iran constitutes the clear, immediate and greatest threat to the world’s stability, and the world needs to act towards uprooting this malignant tumor.  Israel has emerged from the Wikileaks largely unscathed and vindicated. In fact, the ocean of leaks has not yet produced an item that casts a negative light on Israel. Netanyahu came out of it (relatively) ok,  and even Mossad Chief Meir Dagan’s statement about the US need to encourage the protest of intellectuals and students in Iran is commensurate with a liberal, democratic worldview and with accumulated experience in toppling dictatorships.

It is doubtful whether in recent years Israel’s foreign and defense policy received such significant backing and reinforcement as happened due to Wikileaks. At least on the Iranian front, and apparently in respect to quite a few other issues too, world leaders – including the Arab world – think like us but are unable to admit the truth publicly. WikiLeaks has shown us all, that the current efforts by European and Human Rights organizations to demonize and delitigimize Israel are serving the interests of Iran and her proxies Hamas and Hizbollah.




Wise after the fact – The Carmel Fire Disaster

Had Israeli leaders diverted large budgetary appropriations in recent years and invested in firefighting aircraft, local papers would have blasted  about the ‘great waste’. In our recent history, we have seen greater disasters, most certainly in the last few decades. However, it appears that never before had we experienced a disaster of this magnitude in the State of Israel’s home front.

After 4 days, with 43 victims being buried throughout Israel, and the raging forest fire more or less under control,  most certainly next week, everyone will be asking (after the fact, of course) why and how and what, and all those questions people ask after the fact

Yet despite the brilliant and convincing reporting by broadcasters and  investigative reporters asking questions, they will not (and will never) have a sufficient answer as to the budgetary priorities of the State of Israel; firefighting aircraft or an F-35  Stealth fighter jet? Two more ICU Burn units at the Tel-Has homer Sheba and Nahariia Western Galilee hospitals, or food for Israel’s poor? The choices are endless.

This is not the right time to engage in self-criticism on matters of funding priorities. This are days of tears, pain, regret, and reflection over the tragedy and the misfortune that befell the State of Israel . These are days in which we all must salute the Prison Service members, police officers, firefighters and their families who lost their loved ones in this national disaster, which saw the Chanukah candle-lighting blessings being recited alongside the sad reciting of the Mourners Kaddish.