Why the Palestinian Arabs can never agree to peace

A Palestinian state alongside Israel would contradict the very essence of ‘Palestinianism’. Any form of "Palestinian" statehood, therefore, that accepts Israel's right to exist, is, by their definition, impossible. This is clearly evident in the PLO Covenant and Charter. Efforts to impose a Palestinian state (the "two-state" proposal) are doomed to fail for one simple reason: Palestinians Arabs cannot acknowledge and accept a separate Jewish state.

This explains why no Arab "Palestinian" leader will agree to surrender to Western and Zionist interests, and why making compromises is anathema. Accepting Israeli statehood means a denial of the Nakba (catastrophe in Arabic), and the Arab term used to describe the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. Palestinian statehood means giving up "the armed struggle," the crux of their identity; it means that the concept of Palestinianism created by the PLO, accepted by the UN and the media, and even Israeli politicians was a hoax, a fake identity, with a false purpose. It also means, of course, ending the conflict, an end to terrorism as official policy, an end to the civil war between Islamists and secularists, between tribes and clans, an end to corruption and lawlessness, the establishment of a truly democratic government by the Arab Palestinians.

 Ironically, "Palestinianism" is the greatest obstacle to a Palestinian state alongside Israel and regional stability.



The Brain Tumor method to enter Israel from Gaza

There are about 35,000 Arab Palestinians who live in the Judea and Samaria but are registered as Gazans. How did they get they manage to leave Gaza and enter Judea and Samaria ? 

“The woman looked at the young man in front of her as though he were a rare museum exhibit. He's a native of Gaza who arrived in the West Bank on his own about four years ago, and has lived there since then. He's not a senior official in Fatah or in one of the Palestinian Authority security services, not a relative or an associate of a highly placed person.

So how did you do it? He smiled and raised his eyebrows. The woman, also a native of Gaza, replied to his amused silence: "Ah, I understand, you had a brain tumor." Several of the others in the room strangled cries of panic. We had to explain to them that this is only a metaphor for the strange and unusual way he had found to receive a transit permit to enter Israel.”

Since Israel allows Arab Palestinians to receive medical treatment or other humanitarian services  in Israel, permits are issued for Gazans to leave Gaza and enter Israel.

From Israel, entering the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority or any Arab village in Judea and Samaria is as simple as catching a taxi and going for a short ride. That’s how 35,000 Gazans became residents of Judea and Samaria.



Academicians involved in Political Activity

For years now, Israeli academic institutions have been under attack by Israeli teaching staff members who travel the world and urge unions to boycott Israeli universities. Some of these Israeli professors go even further by encouraging economic bodies to withdraw their investments from Israel in general and from the universities in particular, boycott Israel and its academic institutions, and impose sanctions on them.

This kind of activity is not academic, but purely political. The moment an academician undertakes such acts, he deviates from his field and operates as though he’s a political agent. In the political arena, there is no significance to academic freedom, just like academic freedom does not grant anyone the right to drive on the wrong side of the road or park illegally, even on campus.

Academic freedom is limited to academic activity and does not apply to political activity. Academic freedom does not grant academicians the right to risk their colleagues’ place of employment, and should such academicians believe their university deserves to be boycotted, they should be honest with themselves and start the boycott themselves by resigning and shunning their salary and the research budget they received.

There is no reason that would require a State, just like any other organization, to fund and sponsor people who travel the world and call for boycotts and sanctions against it, as such people threaten the State’s legitimacy and thereby its existence as well.

An academician who exploits academic freedom for political activity necessarily pushes the institution to be directly involved in a political conflict, even though he was not authorized by his employers and colleagues to do so. He therefore endangers their academic standing among global colleagues as well as their economic situation, as a decline in investments and donations as result of their actions would undermine the university’s resources.

Supporters and donors of Universities in Israel should make their voice heard out loud, and demand that those academicians who publicly call for the boycott of the academic institution that employs them, they should be the first to fulfill the boycott by having their association with that university terminated.



I pledge allegiance to the flag…….

Every child brought up in the United States remembers the beginning of the line above, it seems so obvious and natural that a member of a country feels an allegiance and identification with the country that he is a citizen of, but in Israel, its not so simple and not so obvious

When Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi was asked to respond to the proposal requiring citizenship applicants to “pledge their allegiance to the State of Israel also as a Jewish, democratic state,” he made sure to note the symbolism inherent in this “racist decision” being taken 60 years after the Law of Return’s approval.

However, just like Hanin Zoabi and Azmi Bishara in the past, Tibi and his cohorts are no more than Arab Palestinian Trojan Horses in our parliament who would have a hard time realizing their desire to see the Jewish State’s demise without the help of Israel’s “progressive forces.”

A possible hint of what to expect in the near future; about two months ago Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia, ruled that “a resident of the region who seeks to enter and stay in Israel in the framework of family reunification is not expected to hold allegiance to the State of Israel.”

Hence, the realization of the Arab Palestinian demand of return (under the innocent codename of “family reunification”) with the assistance of Justice Ayala Procaccia and other like minded Justices in the Israeli Supreme Court is probably what the courts are up to and must be stopped by the Knesset and  political supporters everywhere who are against the Arab Palestinian demand of return.