Humiliating Israel, that’s Barack Hussein Obama’s goal

Today in retrospect its is fairly evident that for the past two years Obama, the President of the United States of America has been the primary motivating force behind many of the unprecedented attacks by well known columnists and op-ed pages of major newspapers against Israel. For the most part, this coordinated attack on Israel and its leader PM Netanyahu blame Israel exclusively for the impasse in the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, and for not really wanting “peace”. Why this fixation with a construction freeze? The Palestinian Arabs nor the Arab league never demanded a construction freeze in the past at anytime. So why does Obama insist on making the construction freeze the most important aspect of his Middle Eastern policy.

The only logical conclusion can be is that the construction freeze creates a climate of political crisis for Israel, for its Prime Minister, and for the ruling national coalition. These crisis’s project Israel as being  intransient, obstructive, non-compliant, ”like a drunken driver”, or “like a spoiled kid” and so forth.  Obama has one objective, to distance the United States from Israel strategically creating an atmosphere that encourages those that demonize and delitigimize Israel. If on the way he manages to get more land surrenders from Israel, why not. At end of the day Obama cannot refrain himself from flaunting his contempt for Israel at every opportunity.

Barack Hussein Obama is a defeated President, the midterm election results proved that crystal clear. Immediately after the midterm elections he traveled to the far east with 2 major goals, South Korea and the G-20. On both fronts Obama was denied any inkling of success, being ignored by all except Indonesia. Upon visiting Indonesia, a Muslim nation, Obama found the time to publicly putdown Israel for building in Jerusalem, the undivided capital of Israel. In other words, again Israel was to blame for the impasse in peace negotiations . The Palestinian Authority and Islamic culture are never ever held accountable, always presented as beacons of “good-will and tolerance” as far as Obama is concerned. Israel the homeland of the Jewish nation is to blame exclusively.

Barack Hussein Obama, despite being instructed by the voting public to change his direction, to pursue policies in line with the will of the people has simply ignored the American public once again.  In the same manner that he shows only contempt for Israel, Obama shows only contempt for the American people who are clearly disappointed, and angry. The American people have the right to expect their President to engage, to listen, to accept the voice of the ballot. Obama in line with Islamic thinking can only do what he has been programmed to do, weaken the West, weaken American, and blame Israel.


Punishing the liberal left for being patronizing and arrogant

Just like in America, here too in Israel the public will punish the liberal elite when elections come around

So what have we learned from the midterm US elections? We have learned that preaching arrogant liberalism and politically correct policies, prompts a popular uprising. Suddenly it turned out that in America, the general public despised the elites that are trying to lead it and felt that it is being deceived. At that point, the public demanded a return to America’s fundamental values and to the American creed of which I have written about previously.

For years now, Israel’s liberal elites have been very successful in leading the nation through an ongoing attempt to undermine the fundamental values that brought the Jewish people back to its homeland after a 2,000-year exile. The liberal elites managed to marginalize Zionism’s constitutive national narrative and hijacked the legal system, academia, and other major institutions.

The liberal elite has poisoned Israeli society with a placebo of normalcy. It forgot that we are a nation that survived the horrors of the exile and preserved our national uniqueness in Yemen, Germany, Morocco, and the Ural Mountains. Those who have created the illusion that we in Israel can maintain a national comfort zone similar to other Western nations do so by simply treating the general public with arrogance and condescension ignoring the human price paid by years of Palestinian Arab terrorism

The message from America’s midterm election was that the sober general public knows how to overcome and punish the representatives of the liberal elite. It was able to wake up on time and drive away the arrogance and chutzpah.

In Israel, the vast majority of the general public is deeply connected to its Je