Excessive governmental intervention in our daily lives, political correctness and “woke” terminology, the breakdown of law enforcement and the judicial system, and rampant entitlement for all, other than those who are “white”, have become the norm. Progressive politicians are at the vanguard of the assault on common sense values and principles that we grew up with. An ever growing majority of Americans, Europeans, and Israelis are waking up to the realization that this assault by progressive forces has made our lives unbearable; rampant inflation, misguided energy policies, crime and fear on the streets, dysfunctional schools, and the rejection of traditional values have all contributed to the demise of what was once a common future and the idea that we are creating a better world for our children.

At this critical time, it is imperative that we understand the monumental and destructive changes that are being forced upon us so that we the people, can change the future that towards which progressive politicians are leading us. The time has come for the voting public to fully express its democratic rights and elect politicians that represent the people’s will and values.

To fully comprehend the dangers of the progressive agenda, a simple examination of progressive energy policies of recent years would be a good place to start. In recent years progressive politicians throughout the Western World have drastically cut domestic fossil fuel production, and have begun to ban gasoline-powered vehicles while shifting to renewable sources from electricity, wind and solar. Yet at the same time, they have ignored that the power generation capacity and renewable energy infrastructure are not in place to achieve a realistic and sustainable green agenda. It seems as if the progressive agenda denies the need of a long-term solution that includes national strategies for reliable power production, affordable sustainable energy and a strengthened electrical grid.

The childish notion that we can overcome energy shortages when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine is unsustainable and will make daily life unbearable, as we witnessed last year in the State of Texas when renewable energy sources collapsed resulting in the deaths of hundreds due to the cold.

This progressive energy agenda is doomed to failure and the public is paying the price. The dramatic inflation in energy costs has been felt simply by gassing up at a local gas station, but that’s only the tip of the progressive iceberg. In Europe we are witnessing skyrocketing energy costs for electricity and this winter Europeans will experience an eight-fold increase in energy prices. Homes will be unable to be kept warm in the winter. Much of the fertilizer used in the world today is a product of fossil fuel. Lack of fertilizer or a spike in the cost of fertilizer due to the spiraling cost or lack of fossil based energy will affect food production in the United States and Europe leading to famine and hunger in the undeveloped countries of Africa and other parts of the world.

Western nations will have to decide whether they want to produce food or heat homes due to the scarcity and high cost of electricity, a lose-lose situation and a clear result of progressive energy policies adopted in recent years. The progressive commitment to sustainability and so-called green energy in recent years has become unsustainable. Western nations will have to undo these decisions and go back to coal-fired plants to keep up with energy demands.

Progressive political leaders have yet to be held accountable for their unsustainable energy policies, and the consequences will fall on the shoulders of individuals, families, and businesses everywhere. The progressive pipedream of climate utopia should be exposed for what it is; ending fossil based energy and replacing it with a far less reliable wind and solar energy market. Now is the time for demanding accountability, and Election Day is payback.

With elections rapidly approaching in many Western nations, now is the time to remedy the progressive wackiness that has taken over the public discourse and undo the progressive mindset. For a starter, conservatives believe in individual rights, not special rights. Progressives sidestep the voting public by turning to judges, executive orders and government bureaucrats to overturn the will of voters (as does the Israeli radical left).

Progressives love the word choice as long as they define what that choice is. Conservatives take a different approach; decisions on education, health care and even how we live out our religious beliefs should be an individual choice not dependent on progressive dictates. Progressives have adopted victimhood as a way of life; “What is unfair”, “Who has offended me”, “What can I be compensated for”. Conservatives cling to the notion of what I can do for myself, my family, my local community, and for my country.

At this critical time, it is imperative that we understand the monumental and destructive changes that are being forced upon us so that we the people, can change the future that towards which progressive politicians are leading us.

Progressive energy policies are, as mentioned above, only the tip of the iceberg, the question that we must all ask ourselves is; will I be a supporter of the progressive agenda of unsustainable energy policies, or a supporter of the progressive ethic of entitlement? Or will I be reminded of the immortal refrain yelled by anchorman Howard Beale in the 1976 film Network. “I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!” It seems that the film, 46 years on from its release, has just as much to say about the state of the world today as it did back then.